Dr. A.L. Muralidhara


Date of Entry into service: 20/09/1982

Qualifications: M.Sc.,(Industrial Chemistry)

                                    M.Tech( Process Metallurgy)

                                    Ph.D (Metullurgical Engg)


Title of the Ph.D Thesis : Processing of Bi – Pb – Sr – Ca – Cu – O Superconductor.

Publications & Conference presentations.

1 . “Austempering of Ni – Cr alloyed ductile Iron” - A.L.Muralidhara &P.Prasad Rao, 387, 88 – 11, American Foundry men Societies Transactions,1985.

2 . “Enrichment of BLSCCO Superconducting Powder by Cryo - Spouting”- A.L.Muralidhara,  S.V.Subramanyam & K.L.Bhat, SB1 – 32, 4th International Symposium on Spouted beds,     & 52nd Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, 2002, Vancouver, Canada.

3 .  “Adhesive application by Jet spouting for Agricultural Bio – mass.”- A.L.Muralidhara, S.V.Subramanyam & K.L.Bhat,SB3 – 294, 4th International Symposium on Spouted beds, & 52nd Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, 2002, Vancouver, Canada.

4 . “Preparation of Textured Superconductor by Cryo – Fluidization under magnetic field and  Characterization.” – International Union of Material Research Societies, The 5th        International   Conference in Asia, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. – Oct 1998.

5. “Metal – Superconductor Composites” – Material Research Society of India, Defence Material Research Laboratories, Hyderabad, Feb. 2002.

6. “ Conductometric Study on the Precipitation reaction between aqueous Gobar gas &  Slaked lime solutions “– M.Pandurangachar & A.L.Muralidhara – National Conference on Chemical Sciences for Industry & Society, Jan, 2006.

7. “A Study of conversion of Coconut pith to Charred pith and its adsorption” – H.Nagabhushana, H.L.Janardhan & A.L.Muralidhara – National Conference on        Chemical Sciences for Industry & Society, Jan, 2006.

8.” Studies on the formation of calcium carbonate precipitate by bubbling gobar gas through aqueous slaked lime slurry” A.L.Muralidhara, Viswanath et.al,  International  conference on current trends   in         Chemistry and   Bio-chemistry, Bangalore – Dec. 2009.

Completed many minor research projects sanctioned by agencies like UGC, VGST K-FIST etc.